Being out in the sun after cold days feels great but this can also be damaging to your skin. Even the UV rays that you think are not harmful could be damaging your skin. This can get worse when you travel since most of the time you are outdoors. To avoid this kind of damage, there are several preventative measures that you can take.

  • Always Wear Moisturizer

Due to sun exposure, your skin could dry out easily. This also happens during winter or generally due to changing your environment. The best way to minimize the dry skin and the effects that come along with it is to use a little more moisturizer. If your skin is oily, go for an oil-free moisturizer which will keep your skin hydrated for longer. Ensure that your moisturizer is rich in vitamin E and C as well as SPF which are good for the skin.

  • Wear Your Sunscreen Always

Your skin needs protection from UV rays on a daily basis. A good sun cream should consist of SPF30 and above. This will not only offer optimal protection against harmful UV rays, but it keeps the moisture locked in. It’s advisable that even while in a plane, train, hotel room or car that you wear your sunscreen. This prevents UVA rays from affecting the skin.

  • Drink Plenty of Water

Water is good for your skin as it keeps it nourished and revitalized. Not drinking water and walking out in the sun will damage your skin. To keep looking fresh and healthy, it’s advisable that you take plenty of water and avoid carbonated drinks such as sodas and conventional juices. This is the best way to keep your skin hydrated.

  • Do Not Use a Lot of Makeup

Sweating, sun exposure and dryness are harmful to your skin and they will definitely happen when you travel. They settle into your skin pores leading to blockade. This will stress your skin unnecessarily. The best thing to do is use as little makeup as possible. Actually, a good moisturizer will do.

  • Take Extra Care

You should take extra care of your skin on the first and the last night of your travel. Follow your skin care routine to remove any environmental elements that could have settled on the skin.

Suffering from excessive dryness or oiliness when you travel could be frustrating. Forgetting your skin care routine, climate, diet and stress can affect your skin. You may not be able to follow the same skin care routine that you do at home, but these steps will help take good care of the skin.