One of the most famous countries in South America is Brazil which is popularly known for football. Some of the big names ever in football are from this beautiful country. The country is large earning a place as the fifth largest in the world and has a lot to offer to its visitors. When you decide to travel to Brazil, you are guaranteed that there will be a lot to see and do.

Visit the Amazon

Measuring 6,400 km, this is the second longest river in the world after the Nile. Besides the river itself, this gives you a chance to see Floresta Amazonica or the Amazon rainforest.  60 percent of Brazil is covered by the rainforest and if you are a plant lover, this visit gives you a chance to see most of the world’s tropical rainforest species.

Visit the Iguacu Falls

Bordering Parana, Brazil and Misiones, Argentina lies the amazing falls of Iguacu also known as Iguazu Falls. By visiting the falls, you will witness the world’s largest waterfall system. Once here, you will understand the reason the falls are considered to have the 6th greatest annual flow of waterfall. It is quite interesting to discover that the falls are divided into 275 falls and islands. It is spectacular from any angle and it is one reason that Brazil sees huge numbers of visitors every year.

Attend the Carnival of Brazil

The beginning of lent which is practiced by Roman Catholic is marked by this great carnival. It is one of the largest in the country and the world. Considered to be a pilgrimage, this is a time where the country sees many tourists and locals alike together. If you want to take place in the Carnival of Brazil or the Brazilian Carnival, the best time to visit Brazil is between the Friday afternoon and Ash Wednesday noon.

Attend a Samba and Capoeira Dance

Samba is highly associated with Brazil. It is an amazing dance that you can also learn here and some may have come across it as it is practiced across the globe. Capoeira dance is also popular in the country and is also known as Afro-Brazilian art. The reason is because it is African influenced and involves dancing and martial arts.

Although Brazil is popularly associated with football, it has more to offer to its visitors.  The cuisine, the Amazon, the Carnival of Brazil, samba dances and the football culture are just some of the things the country has to offer. It is a destination that you will remember for a long time to come.