Sri Lanka, is a country that is rich with wildlife and plenty of things to do. One of the places where you get to see varieties of flora and fauna is the Minneriya National Park that is located about 180km from Colombo. Whether you are a bird lover or you just love watching land animals in their natural habitat, this rich national park will not disappoint. 

It’s a Bird Watcher’s Paradise

If you love avitourism, this is an amazing place to be in. There are over 170 bird species that include herons, painted stork and little cormorants. All you need to enjoy is a camera and a knowledgeable guide. 

It’s Home to a Tank Built in the 3rd Century

This is one of the most fascinating things about the Minneriya National Park that sits on 8,890 hectares. The tank is said to have been built by King Mahasen in the 3rd century which means that it’s an important piece of history. You get to see the Mugger crocodile when visiting the tank and also varieties of fresh water fish. 

There are Animal Get-Togethers

There comes a time that elephants feel the urge to meet. They want to spend time together and ‘catch up’. This happens between the month of July and October when hundreds of elephants come together. Although this is a spectacle to behold, their main purpose of converging is to search for food, drink water and to take a shower. 

The Park is Rich in Wildlife

The park has varieties of wildlife and it’s interesting to watch them as they go about their daily lives. Besides elephants, fish and the Mugger crocodile, there are bears, leopards, about 170 bird species, wild pigs, red-lipped lizards, and Sri Lanka green pigeon among others. It’s estimated that there are about 24 mammal species and 25 reptile species. 

The Park has a Rich History

The Minneriya National Park is rich historically considering that its home to a tank that was built in the 3rd century and that it started out as a wildlife sanctuary in the 20th century. There is a lot to learn in the park and a great way to spend time. In the year 1997, it was declared as a national park. 

The Minneriya National Park has plenty of wildlife that you would want to see in their natural habitat. It’s rich history, elephants get-togethers, tens of bird species and a tank built in the 3rd century are some of the interesting things in the park.